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Acrylic External Rendering

Riverside Retail Units 'Made to order'

The client required a exact colour, which had to be made by the Parex laboratories in France.

The system its self was a Parex Base coat system with a Merlin Grey sand course acrylic finish.

With the acrylic top coats, any required colour can be achieved to match a Ral paint reference.

Bedfordshire Police HQ

This project was Parex Parmarex base coat system, meshed and finish with a sand course acrylic finish.

WELWYN 'Sand Smooth'

A timber frame self build project direct for the client, the external sections were cladded with an external render board and covered with a fully meshed base coat.

The Finish was a 0.5mm sand smooth acrylic finish which due to the complexity our in house rendering team completed this project to an exceptional standard.


"Sand Smooth is a very hard finish to deliver and that is one of the best examples I have ever seen"

Matthew Lee, Parex UK


Transforming and old outbuilding into a utility room the insulation the building needed to be improved.

Therefore we installed the External insulation boards, with a fully meshed base coat, finished with a 1.5mm sand course acrylic finish.